Monday, June 4, 2018

Why Loyalty Programs Are AWESOME!

Loyalty systems are a great way to keep customers coming back! Many business such as hair salons, department stores, and many types of businesses have loyalty programs in place. Setting this up can sometimes be hard and time consuming. However if you use PHP Point Of Sale, we offer 2 ways to set this up and it couldn't be easier!

We have 2 loyalty systems in php pos a points based system (Advanced) and a frequency of visit (Simple).

  1. Advanced point based system: This allows you to define a ratio of Spend amount --> Point Awarded. Then you can sent an amount that each point is worth. This works out really well as customers can collect points and use them as they want. The number of points is listed on their receipt so they are incentivized to come back!
  2. Simple: This allows you to set a specific number of sales that a customer much achieve and upon meeting this goal their next sale then can get X% off. This works great for many businesses and is really simple to setup
All of this is easily setup in store config with a few clicks! It is really that easy and this will help customers keep coming back! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Introducing PHP Point Of Sale's API

A recent feature php pos added was an API. API stands for Application Programming Interface; this allows other applications to interact (modify, view, add, and delete) data from php pos. This is a great feature for many custom cases.

Some of the use cases that our customers have come across are:

  • Need to display loyalty points to customers on web site by email or phone number
  • Allow customers to input their information on web site
  • Batch import customer data automatically each day
All of these uses cases are covered by an API (And anything you can dream up). We use a simple REST based protocol that can use any language that can make HTTP requests. To view all the things you can do with our api. Visit

Thursday, May 10, 2018

PHP Point Of Sale 16.1 released

We are proud to announce that version 16.1 has been released! Here are the major changes

  • Added API (v1)
  • Added custom fields for items and item kits
  • Can now have age verifiable items and item kits
  • Can now excel import location specific columns for multi location setups
  • Can now use points to pay for part of the point's value
  • Can now see the quantity in the search suggestions for sales & receivings
  • Now have a delivery employee being tracked for a delivery and reporting for this
  • Create barcode labels or sheet from inventory count
  • Added ability to create all possible variation combinations with one click
  • Added store config option for items being e-commerce by default
  • Can now delete store account payments
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

If you are using the cloud it has been automatically updated. If you are using download you can download here

Friday, April 6, 2018

Why your business should sell online & How to get started for FREE!

Online sales are increasingly become a popular way for consumers to shop. It is estimated that almost 10% of all retail sales and is growing. Not having an online channel to sell your products means you are missing out on potential sales.

How to sell online

There are a many ways you could go about selling online and are many types of software to create a website which can cost a lot of money to develop a custom site. We have found that the most popular way to create an online store is combining the popular Wordpress platform with a plug in called WooCommerce. The best part about this is they are both FREE to use. This system integrates directly with PHP Point Of Sale out of the box with little configuration.

With WooCommerce there are many free designs you can use to get started and plenty of resources on how to get setup. Our company even offers hosting for woo commerce for less than $20/month.

You can see an example of a simple site selling PHP POS swag. WooCommerce makes it easy to accept credit card from a variety of vendors such as braintree, stripe, and paypal. All of these are easy to install plug ins that require no coding knowledge.

If you would like to learn how WooCommerce & PHP Point Of Sale can work for you. Please contact us! We can even put you in touch with expert woo commerce developers that can take care of any custom development you would need

Monday, March 19, 2018

PHP Point Of Sale Roadmap for 2018

Roadmap for 2018

PHP Point Of Sale will focus on the following for 2018

1. API

In 16.1 we have plans to have a full featured API that will allow other programs and workflows to work with our system. You will be able to update items, check inventory, and create sales programmatically via a simple REST API.

2. Improving Woo Commerce Integration

We plan to improve the performance of our woo commerce integration as well as add support for shipping, weights, and dimensions

3. Improving Barcode Printing

We plan to allow to print to more barcode label sizes and templates

4. Improving worksflows

  • Inventory counting: A highly requested feature is to make sure you count all the items and if you don't have the system let you know. This will be added
  • Transfers: Transfers are often confusing because of the way the workflow is and is hard to know what is going out vs in. We plan to simplify this.
  • Excel import/export: For multi-locaiton outlets it is has been requested to be able to import quantity, recorder levels for specific locations. We plan to add this

5. Custom fields for items and item kits

We already have custom fields for employees, suppliers, and customers but a big request has been for items and item kits. This will be added soon!

6. User requests: We plan to be flexible and continue to listen to user requests

Monday, March 12, 2018

Choosing a Point Of Sale System for your business

When starting a business there are a lot of decisions that have to be made and there is stress leading up to your first day. Making sure you have a reliable and insightful point of sale system is important. You will be using a system to track all parts of your business.

You need to make sure your inventory is accurate, sales tax is calculate correctly and items are priced correctly. No matter which system you choose it is important that it meets your needs. When choosing a system you will need to consider the following things

Does the system have good reviews?

Just like when buying a product in Amazon; you want to make sure other people have used the system with success. A quick google search such as "PHP Point Of Sale POS Reviews" will be a good start. You will want to make sure the reviews you are reading are from a reputable source for software and NOT on the only on the companies website

Is the product supported well?

You will want to make sure if you get stuck you have help. Phone and email support should be included for free or a reasonable price. 

Does it have all the features I need?

Your business is unique and you want to make sure you have all the features you need. Do you have store accounts or process layaways? Do you need integrated credit card processing? Do you want to have an online store? You should have a list of all your features that you want and make sure the POS can meet these needs for you.

Does the system run in cloud or is it standalone?

Many systems these days run in the cloud. The cloud is just a fancy way of saying on a companies servers. This means the software is NOT installed on your computer which allows access from anywhere with an internet connection. 

This is very useful for companies as you can check into the system from anywhere and makes it super easy for mobile sales. You will need a reliable internet connection for this but this is usually a great option.

Some software will also offer standalone systems that you would install on each computer at your store. These can also work well. Some downsides are that you cannot access easily from outside store AND you must do your own backups in case the computer crashes or is stolen.

Does it meet my budget and can grow with my business?

And last but not least. Does the software fit in my budget and will it grow with me as my business grows? POS software has a wide variety of price from Free and thousands of dollars. Many point of sale systems charge per register. This can really add up as you expand. You should look for a fair pricing model that works for your business. As you expand you don't want the costs to sky rocket; but you want to make sure the system can work when you add another register or another physical location.

I hope this article helps you find a point of sale system. Our system can meet many business needs and has great support! You can do a trial for 14 days for free!