Monday, November 23, 2015

Finishing Up PHP Point Of Sale 15.0!

We have stopped new feature development and are putting on the finishing touches for version 15.0. We hope to have this ready by end of the year! This will be a great release with many new features that have been requested!

Some of the new feature highlights are:

  • Customer Loyalty systems (Simple and Advanced systems)
  • Inventory Counting: Count your inventory to reconcile what you should have
  • Improved UI for faster and easier throughout the system
  • Internal messaging system to alert employees of important information
  • Expense tracking
  • Improved cash tracking (Remove/add cash from drawer)
  • Many new reports including a closeout report that summarize's a days activities
  • Report Improvements: Compare date ranges, run reports across multiple locations
  • Time clock in/clock out for employees
  • EMV credit card processing/chip cards
  • Digital Signature Capture
  • Sub categories + tags for items
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes
A lot of work has gone into this development and we are sure you will love it! You can try it out at We would love your feedback as we put on the finishing touches!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PHP Point Of Sale 15.0 Update

We are getting closer to a release for 15.0. It will be the biggest change in the history of PHP Point Of Sale. We are adding a lot of new features such as inventory counting, clock in / clock out, closeout report, better and faster sales interface and a bunch of other new reports.

We know this release has taken longer than expected; but we promise it will be worth the wait. Keep checking this blog or for the latest info

Friday, November 7, 2014

PHP Point Of Sale 14.4 getting close + 15.0 release

We plan to release our next version within 2-3 weeks! The major features will be Commissions, batch sale + Receiving along with new reports and bug fixes.

Our next major release (15.0) will come out mid to late 2015. The major features will be a slick new design for faster sale processing, time tracking, inventory counting as well as many new reports. Stay tuned for more information on 15.0!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PHP Point Of Sale 14.0 Released!

PHP Point Of Sale 14.0 has been released! This is our largest release ever with over 30 new features and many bug fixes and performance improvements.

With such a big release we know we can't be perfect, so we are planning to have a smaller release in 1 week to fix any bugs the arise or tweaks that are needed.
If you need something changed and it makes sense for everyone, please reply to this message with your concern. (We already have got the feedback that editing items, customers,..etc needs to be easier...This will be fixed in 1 week)

It is recommended that all users upgrade.

Whats New?
* Completely new UI that is completely responsive that works on desktop and mobile devices
* Multi location/store support. You can now manage more than one physical location easily!
* Ability to set multiple prices per item (Tiers) and assign a customer to a tier to receive tier price
* Ability to sell items on store account (In-store customer account), which can be paid later
* Ability to price items including tax (Tax inclusive pricing)
* Now have the option to calculate average cost price when receiving items
* Ability to track items that do NOT have inventory. (Service items)
* Added a more touch friendly sales/receivings UI feature (Item Grid)
* Sale date now has option of changing when re-suspending sale and completing a suspended sale (Payment dates still retain value)
* Added Italian translation
* Added profit and loss reports
* Support up to 5 taxes
* Granular permissions for reports. Can now give access to only certain reports per employee
* Improved excel item import/update (Can do both at once if desired)
* Can now import/update suppliers via excel csv
* Can now use more than one credit card to pay for sale and suspend a sale after paying with credit card (Mercury only)
* Added option to change sale date when suspending sale
* Added option to change sale date when completing suspended sale
* New way of handling taxes -- No longer need to assign takes to each item (unless you want to). Defaults to store configuration taxes
* Customer account number now appears on receipt
* Receipt now has more information about payments when processing credit cards using Mercury
* Receipt now has credit card signature line regardless if using Merucury or not
* Can now use up to 10 decimals for quantity for sales and receivings
* When deleting a sale the employee is now reported
* Quick dashboard when logging in
* Global sale percent discount
* Fixed bug in cash tracking where suspended sale payments would NOT be added to cash tracking
* Program Language can be different for each employee
* Improved backup for large databases (Uses mysqldump)
* Fixed bug in inventory tracking where the wrong amount would be reported when manually editing an g
* Giftcards can now be swiped using track 1 cards
* Bulk update now simplified
* Can now filter items by category
* Barcodes now have number below
* Performance improvement for items manage page
* Excel imports are now ALL or NOTHING (transactions). If there is an error during import it will NOT work at all
* Employees can now only assign permissions that they have themself (unless they are the default user; then they can assign all)
* Now it is NOT possible to delete the first user for php point of sale
* Employee email is now a required field
* When deleting giftcard the number becomes re-usable
* Sale prefix customization (Defaults to POS)
* Can now sort by person id for customers + employees
* Improved performance for detailed reports
* Fixed bug where in some cases tax and total were over-reported by a .01
* Fixed bug where user was unable to complete a sale with round to nearest .05 is enabled
* Removed Speed up search queries as it caused in some cases the queries to be slower; also improved performance for large databases
* Added pagination to reports to speed up results and improve performance
* Many minor bug fixes

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sneak peak at 14.0

PHP Point Of Sale 14.0 will be the biggest and largest change in php pos's history. We are creating a brand new responsive interface and will be adding multi-store and many other feature requests. I just wanted to share a first look at an alpha version of 14.0

Please provide feedback and we hope you like the new look.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 Released

PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 has been released
Whats New:
* Credit Card processing for US customers with Mercury (
* New Report builder, which allows you to filter reports on many fields at once
* Mass update for items and customers
* E-mail alerts for inventory
* Inventory reports now include supplier
* Show comments on receipt
* You can now bulk edit promo price
* Fixed bug where e-mailed receipt didn't have comment
* Summary customer report shows No Customer
* Stock e-mail alert is shown for item kit, if an item in the kit is out of stock
* Fixed bug in promo price where next year couldn't be selected
* improvements for Bulk edit for items (Ability to select all items)
* Fixed tax bug where if an item had 2 taxes for the same amount, they were combined on the tax report
* Added ability to close feedback bar
* Brought back time range sale search by popular demand
* Removal of permissions for logged in employee is NOT possible
* Updated installer to have e-mail setup using gmail or custom provider
* Fixed bug when using iOS 6 and ajax requests that caused problems in sales interface
* Out of stock alert for item kits
* Print Receipt + Edit sale buttons
* Better validation of language selection
* Added Default payment type which selects the default payment type during sale and receiving
* Add option to hide signature on receipt
* Store URL now shows up on receipt (if it exists)
* Can now print a receipt for a sale right from the sales report
* It is now NOT possible to remove permissions from yourself when logged in
* Fixed bug in iOS 6 where it caches ajax requests
* Promo price now allows for next year
* CodeIgniter 2.1.3

Monday, November 5, 2012

PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 coming soon!

We are wrapping up development and testing of PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 and expect a release in the next month. Stay tuned!