Sunday, August 26, 2012

PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 in development!

PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 is in development! With 40 planned features and bug fixes, it will be one of the biggest updates yet.

Some of the features to be included are:
  • Credit Card processing for US customers with Mercury (
  • New Report builder, which allows you to filter reports on many fields at once
  • Bulk update for items and customers
  • E-mail alerts for inventory
  • Inventory reports now include supplier
  • Show comments on receipt
  • Bulk edit promo price
  • Bug where e-mailed receipt didn't have comment
  • Summary customer report shows No Customer
  • Stock e-mail alert is shown for item kit, if an item in the kit is out of stock
  • Fixed bug in promo price where next year couldn't be selected
  • improvements for Bulk edit for items (Ability to select all items)
  • Fixed tax bug where if an item had 2 taxes for the same amount, they were combined on the tax report
  • Added ability to close feedback bar
  • Brought back time range sale search by popular demand
  • CodeIgniter 2.1.3
The plan is to have this out in the 1st quarter of 2013! Thanks for your support!


  1. I would like to see "Services" in addition to "Items" so that I can sell services that have no quantity to begin with. Or Don't require a beginning quantity for "items". Currently I'm setting services as Items with 0 quantity and seeing how much I'm selling based on the negative number.


  2. Yeah these all updates really very big and it should be use in Pos software