Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 Released

PHP Point Of Sale 13.0 has been released
Whats New:
* Credit Card processing for US customers with Mercury (mercurypay.com)
* New Report builder, which allows you to filter reports on many fields at once
* Mass update for items and customers
* E-mail alerts for inventory
* Inventory reports now include supplier
* Show comments on receipt
* You can now bulk edit promo price
* Fixed bug where e-mailed receipt didn't have comment
* Summary customer report shows No Customer
* Stock e-mail alert is shown for item kit, if an item in the kit is out of stock
* Fixed bug in promo price where next year couldn't be selected
* improvements for Bulk edit for items (Ability to select all items)
* Fixed tax bug where if an item had 2 taxes for the same amount, they were combined on the tax report
* Added ability to close feedback bar
* Brought back time range sale search by popular demand
* Removal of permissions for logged in employee is NOT possible
* Updated installer to have e-mail setup using gmail or custom provider
* Fixed bug when using iOS 6 and ajax requests that caused problems in sales interface
* Out of stock alert for item kits
* Print Receipt + Edit sale buttons
* Better validation of language selection
* Added Default payment type which selects the default payment type during sale and receiving
* Add option to hide signature on receipt
* Store URL now shows up on receipt (if it exists)
* Can now print a receipt for a sale right from the sales report
* It is now NOT possible to remove permissions from yourself when logged in
* Fixed bug in iOS 6 where it caches ajax requests
* Promo price now allows for next year
* CodeIgniter 2.1.3


  1. Chris, sales and credit management maturity of the bill, and as I control the invoice number

  2. Dear Chris,
    I noticed a minor problem on receipt.php and receipt_email.php: You should place:
    before the loop:
    foreach(array_reverse($cart, true) as $line=>$item)
    if($item['discount'] > 0)
    $discount_exists = true;


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