Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PHP Point Of Sale 14.0 Released!

PHP Point Of Sale 14.0 has been released! This is our largest release ever with over 30 new features and many bug fixes and performance improvements.

With such a big release we know we can't be perfect, so we are planning to have a smaller release in 1 week to fix any bugs the arise or tweaks that are needed.
If you need something changed and it makes sense for everyone, please reply to this message with your concern. (We already have got the feedback that editing items, customers,..etc needs to be easier...This will be fixed in 1 week)

It is recommended that all users upgrade.

Whats New?
* Completely new UI that is completely responsive that works on desktop and mobile devices
* Multi location/store support. You can now manage more than one physical location easily!
* Ability to set multiple prices per item (Tiers) and assign a customer to a tier to receive tier price
* Ability to sell items on store account (In-store customer account), which can be paid later
* Ability to price items including tax (Tax inclusive pricing)
* Now have the option to calculate average cost price when receiving items
* Ability to track items that do NOT have inventory. (Service items)
* Added a more touch friendly sales/receivings UI feature (Item Grid)
* Sale date now has option of changing when re-suspending sale and completing a suspended sale (Payment dates still retain value)
* Added Italian translation
* Added profit and loss reports
* Support up to 5 taxes
* Granular permissions for reports. Can now give access to only certain reports per employee
* Improved excel item import/update (Can do both at once if desired)
* Can now import/update suppliers via excel csv
* Can now use more than one credit card to pay for sale and suspend a sale after paying with credit card (Mercury only)
* Added option to change sale date when suspending sale
* Added option to change sale date when completing suspended sale
* New way of handling taxes -- No longer need to assign takes to each item (unless you want to). Defaults to store configuration taxes
* Customer account number now appears on receipt
* Receipt now has more information about payments when processing credit cards using Mercury
* Receipt now has credit card signature line regardless if using Merucury or not
* Can now use up to 10 decimals for quantity for sales and receivings
* When deleting a sale the employee is now reported
* Quick dashboard when logging in
* Global sale percent discount
* Fixed bug in cash tracking where suspended sale payments would NOT be added to cash tracking
* Program Language can be different for each employee
* Improved backup for large databases (Uses mysqldump)
* Fixed bug in inventory tracking where the wrong amount would be reported when manually editing an g
* Giftcards can now be swiped using track 1 cards
* Bulk update now simplified
* Can now filter items by category
* Barcodes now have number below
* Performance improvement for items manage page
* Excel imports are now ALL or NOTHING (transactions). If there is an error during import it will NOT work at all
* Employees can now only assign permissions that they have themself (unless they are the default user; then they can assign all)
* Now it is NOT possible to delete the first user for php point of sale
* Employee email is now a required field
* When deleting giftcard the number becomes re-usable
* Sale prefix customization (Defaults to POS)
* Can now sort by person id for customers + employees
* Improved performance for detailed reports
* Fixed bug where in some cases tax and total were over-reported by a .01
* Fixed bug where user was unable to complete a sale with round to nearest .05 is enabled
* Removed Speed up search queries as it caused in some cases the queries to be slower; also improved performance for large databases
* Added pagination to reports to speed up results and improve performance
* Many minor bug fixes


  1. Hi , is it possible to set permissions per location? I mean i'd like that only certain employees can sell items on certain locations. Example, employee 1 can only sell location 1 but not in location 2, location 3, etc. and so on.


    1. Permissions are global, BUT you can assign an employee to only 1 location (or more than 1). This can be done by going to employees module and checking the boxes for which locations they want to use. You can try this at https://demo.phppointofsale.com

    2. Ok, thanks for the answer. I am trying to put different items on different locations. Where can I do this ? Another thing, what are exactly item kits? is a way of grouping items? item kits and categories are not the same thing?

      thanks in advance


    3. Items are shared between locations but you can have different quantity at each. Item kits group items that you sell as a package. For example a gift basket made up of many items. When the package sells inventory is deducted from each item in the kit.

      Categories are a way to group items for reporting purposes.

  2. Hi, This was discovered by testing the demo on Friday 18 , if not already corrected . ;

    1 - . Wanting to switch between branches , when clicking on the dropdown menu and try to choose the branch with the mouse pointer , it closes and leaves choose it , (using the keyboard no problem) this happens to be in the sales and Receivings modules .

    2 - . Upon transfer quantities of items between branches , the ticket does not show the information of the branch source and destination , and this is important when printing the ticket to know who sends and receives .

    . 3 - When you first create an item and make a purchase from the module Receivings , the amount is not updated , only to manually edit the amount is up when it starts to update the inventory .
    And if we go to report purchases , we see that making the purchase and the amount paid , but the amount of the item did not upgrade , only shows "not established" .

    Greetings .

    PD . google translator

    1. 1. We recommend using IE 11, google chrome, or firefox and this won't happen
      2. We will add this
      3. We will fix this

    2. Hello good evening, I'm still testing the system,.

      1. When given permission for an employee to be able to add new customers, but not delete or search, and enter his account will appear in the left panel icon when clicked customers and says "you do not have permissions customers access the module named ", and I should be allowed to access and add new customers. Or in your case, the icon disappear as it has ignored this there.
      Now you can add new clients from the sales page.

      . 2 - When the customer purchases on credit (customer account)and reprint the ticket is done, it displays the correct date and time from the time of purchase, but the balance of the account store, showing the amount due at the time of the reprint, and which had not at the time of the previous purchase. And the problem is that the ticket would no longer have the same information and would generate problems for any further clarification.


      Pd. google translator.

  3. Some recommendations ;

    1 - . Choosing products within a " kit item " would be nice for the system to recognize and form the " item kit " , ie , if we create a group of 3 products $ 40
    called kit1 price of $ 100, to choose 1, price $ 40 , being 2, price of $ 80, to be 3, to take the kit1 and check the price of $ 100, and choose the 4th, take
    product with $ 40, and so on.

    2 - . Option to set an expiration date for the gift cards .

    3 - . Allow establish a special hourly rate would be of great use to encourage buy in times when there are fewer customers . And you could choose the days of the week that the special price will be taken.

    . 4 - Allow setting a maximum discount limit an employee can give the customer , as occasionally happens that employees abuse this quality .

    . 5 - Allow the user with maximum , other than the admin, you can view reports desired locations that point , so you can view reports of sales of the branch 1 and 2, or all , or only one , it would be easier to print a comprehensive report .

    In addition ;

    Effective control box is not working properly because it takes sales of all branches and if you want to close the box, asking for money that is the sum of all sales of all branches , not just one , so not allowed to take control by branch .

    Greetings . good day

    PD . Google translator .

  4. Dear Chris,

    Congrats for the version 14. It's such a huge step from the previous one!

    Here are my suggestions:

    1 - Print a gift receipt (receipt with no prices)
    2 - Check the inventory of other locations on the inventory page, even if the employee has no access to other locations. This would allow an employee to forward a customer to another location if he doesn't have the product in stock.



  5. 1. Gift receipts is on our roadmap
    2. How do you recommend we do this? What a permission "Can view other locations inventory" be good enough?

    1. 1. That's great. Any idea about the release date?
      2. A permission named "can view other locations' inventory" by selecting locations eventually (checkboxes) allows the employee to view locations' inventory of selected location. Then the inventory would be displayed on each item's inventory page
      3. It would also be wonderful to get a report which would display in
      column A: Item Name
      column B: Item ID
      column C: Category
      column D: Supplier
      column E: Qty in location 1
      column F: Qty in location 2
      column G: Qty in location 3
      4. Finally, do you plan to add filters for the reports?

      Thank you

    2. 1. We don't have a time when we will do this
      2. We will try to add this
      3. We will try to add this
      4. We have the custom report which has lots of filters

  6. Hi i want to ask question for variety of printing...i want to print a very small tickets not A4, and how to contribute in that good project (i have translate the project in french and add some functionalities...)

    1. We support printing onto a star tsp 100 thermal printers.

  7. I have a problem with the system;

    I need to create a user I call supervisor, which has permissions sales, customers, employees and reports.

    The part that interests me is that I give you permission to add employees, but not to eliminate them.

    the time this user logs on and add a user sales (only permit to sell and add new customers) give click accept, it seems that everything goes well, however when I return to check user permissions sales (which I add), that all permissions are wrong, which has allowed access was not given, and to modify it, I have to login with the administrator account and resolve it.

    This is a problem for me because I could not delegate this task, and the system should perform this action without problem.

    Greetings ....

    pd. google translator

    Hugo Guzman

    1. Can you send an email to support@phppointofsale.com with a link to your system? We haven't had reports of permission assignments nto working, but we will look into it.

    2. I currently work in localhost.

      But I just perform the same procedure with the system you have in the demo, and record it, in a moment I send you the video link by email to observe the error.

      greetings and thanks.

      pd. google translator

    3. I have been able to reproduce and have a fix. Currently uploading a fix. Email me at chris@phppos.com and I will send you link

    4. Thank you.

      I have already sent the mail.

      Greetings ....

  8. Hello, good nigth Chris.

    I have a question regarding a report of credit sales. (store account)

    If I need to know what were the products that were sold on credit per branch for a month, what type of report that I am writing? because I have not found that option.

    Taking a branch, then there is no problem, but if I have 2, 3 or 8 branches, and a registered customer makes purchases on credit in 2 or 3 of them, and end of the month I want to know that products have been sold to credit each branch.

    The information I would like the following;

    (store account sales)
    branch 1.
    Product 1. Customer A
    Product 2. Customer B

    Branch 2.
    Product 3. Customer A
    Product 1. Customer C

    branch 3
    Product 2. Customer C
    Product 4. Customer B

    As I can get this information using the reporting module.

    Thank you.

    Pd. Google translator.

    1. We currently do not have this option

  9. Hello, good day Chris.

    I found that if I assign permissions to a user who can edit sales (supervisor call), and click on edit sale, is now in a position to edit it but then it is necessary that a user can switch to selling only your account, the screen is the issue of the sale and therefore the sales user can edit and change any information.
    I think that should not be, since such sales user, does not have that permission. And I step to the supervisor and user does not cancel the editing, because he thought that changing user would close the edit.

    This presented a problem , since I recorded a sale today in a ticket yesterday, and ticket information yesterday, was lost.

    Greetings and thank you.

    Hugo Guzmán

    pd. Google translator.

    1. Hugo, I am having a hard time understanding the problem. Can you explain with an example? We are doing a release in a few days and if this is a confirmed bug we will fix.

  10. Hi chris.

    I am having problems updating the 14.2 -14.3 version, when over write files in the new version, everything normal, but when I load the update sql file, the page makes me white, I will update the post again, I close the browser and try again, and I've cleared the cache, but not resolved.

    Already done by lines, ie, the update queries have entered separately, and found me what is causing this error is `DROP TABLE` phppos_sessions; I left it to the last, and when I run it, the error becomes, is there any problem if I miss this line, or is there some other way to solve it?

    It is noteworthy that if I make the new system installation, running only database.sql, the system works well, but I have to upgrade to the new version is where I have the problem.


    Hugo Guzman

    1. I haven't heard of any issues running the update file. It should be pretty straight forward. Try running each statement one by one (delimited by semi-colon).

      Also if you didn't delete the update files and then add them. One of the files that was deleted was application/libraries/MY_Session.php. If this file is still around it will not work.

      Please email me at chris@phppos.com as the blog is not really a good way to discuss issues.

    2. thanks, I'll check again.

      I will do so next time.



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  12. I like this very much,

    I would like this to be more touch screen friendly, having larger buttons throughout.
    Quick item buttons could be less wide and include inventory in stock Pepsi 20 oz bot (7). An option to print a receipt list of sodas sold for needs of refilling cooler would be so cool.

    2. The payment area could include a numerical keypad, payment type buttons and quick keys for dollars and change amounts during tendering.

    3. A receipt page with a back button to view and print previous sales.

    Thanks, Scott

  13. 1; We are planning to make the application a bit more touch friendly in the future.

    2. We plan to add a virtual keyboard also

    3. We do have a "New Sale button". Do you want a button that links directly to the report to see past sales?

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