Monday, July 9, 2018

Choosing a cloud vs on-premise point of sale software system

In the POS industry there are a wide variety of products out there. Before narrowing down your list of providers; it is important to decide if you want to choose a cloud based solution or an on-premise/downloaded solution.

What is the difference between a cloud and on-premise (download) solution?

A cloud (sometimes called hosted) means that all the data (inventory, customers, sales history..etc) are stored outside of your computers/systems. This means that you are entrusting the service provider with storing, backing up, and maintaining their data. They are also responsible for hosting the application on their servers and keeping it up and fast.

A download solution means that all the data is stored on your computer/server. You are then responsible for backing up and maintaining the service. This means you are responsible for keeping the software running, up to date, and available.

Advantages of cloud solution

  • No software to install; turn key
  • Backups and upgrades are taking care of by service provider
  • Can easily be made accessible from any device
  • Generally can be paid month to month with little startup costs

Advantages of on-premise solution

  • You control your data; not stored in the cloud/with service provider
  • Can be installed behind company firewalls for security
  • Depending on the solution; you could customize to fit your needs

Disadvantages of cloud solution

  • An outage at your service provider could happen; making it inaccessible 
  • Always requires an internet connection
  • Data might not be as portable/locked in to provider

      Disadvantages of on-premise solution

      • Data loss is more likely as backups systems most likely not as robust as a cloud solution
      • Application upgrades are not automatic
      • Generally larger up front cost; but could be cheeper in long run

      How to decide between cloud and on premise

      What it comes down to is weighing the pros and cons. Some service providers only offer one solution so it would be your only choice. Based on PHP Point Of Sale's experience we have found as long as your internet connection is reliable that the cloud is generally the best solution for most businesses. But if your company has strong technology the on-premise/download could also be a perfect fit.

      Tuesday, July 3, 2018

      PHP Point Of Sale 16.2 Released!

      We are proud to announce that PHP Point Of Sale 16.2 has been released and now available.

      This is a big upgrade and we are proud to announce! This is recommended for all users to upgrade.

      New Features/Improvements in 16.2:

      • Can now track opening and closing amounts for credit, debit, check, and gift card payment types
      • In inventory logging you can now see how much quantity you did have at a point in time (Going forward)
      • Now tracking weight and dimensions for products. This is also exported/imported from woo commerce
      • Can now exclude/include variations from being available online in woo commerce
      • Can now tweak barcode printing to support varied label sizes
      • Added new filter to customers summary report that allows filtering by number of sales
      • Added New Customers report that outputs how many customers were added for a given date range
      • Added mode to purchase points to the sales interface
      • Can now attach files to customers, employee, and suppliers
      • Import shipping classes from woo commerce for use with shipping
      • Added suspended sales section to closeout report
      • Quantity and reorder level now displayed in item modal for all locations
      • Can now re-order favorite reports
      • Added grouping the week, month, and year to sales summary report
      • Added Average number of sales for time period to sales summary report
      • Added transfers report
      • Can now show the items that were NOT counted for an inventory count
      • Added item filter to sales summary report
      • Average # of items for purchases AND average ticket size --> customers summary report
      • Items summary report can now be split by variation
      • Added custom date range to inventory expire report
      • Can now sync Woo Commerce Tax Classes for items
      • Can now receive serial numbers via receivings module
      • Can now do item level tier pricing
      • Added zip code reports to see which zip codes you are selling to most
      • Added price rule summary report
      • Can now display custom fields on receipts
      • Added Default days to expiration for items
      • Added total number of sales to the employees --> summary report
      • Added store configuration option to set a minimum amount of points you need before redeeming them
      • Now have long description for items
      • Can now set an amount to spend on show coupon on receipt
      • Display company logo, name, and website on customer facing display
      • Can now export a PO/receiving to excel
      • Now have option to disable confirmation for a receiving
      • Display announcements/specials on customer facing display

      Monday, July 2, 2018

      PHP Point Of Sale Reviewed by Fit Small Business

      Our product has been reviewed by the popular software selection site Fit Small Business. You can see our review at We are happy they have reviewed our product as we continue improving product and extend our reach!

      Sunday, June 24, 2018

      PHP Point Of Sale Partners with Denver Business Design Consulting for eCommerce web site design

      PHP Point Of Sale has partnered with Denver Business Design Consulting to provide our clients with an excellent and affordable eCommerce design company for our customers.

      With the DBDC partnership they will be able to build a fully compatible and functional eCommerce site using Wordpress and Woocommerce that works right out of the box with PHP Point Of Sale. We are thrilled for this partnership and hope many of our customers can benefit from this..

      Monday, June 4, 2018

      Why Loyalty Programs Are AWESOME!

      Loyalty systems are a great way to keep customers coming back! Many business such as hair salons, department stores, and many types of businesses have loyalty programs in place. Setting this up can sometimes be hard and time consuming. However if you use PHP Point Of Sale, we offer 2 ways to set this up and it couldn't be easier!

      We have 2 loyalty systems in php pos a points based system (Advanced) and a frequency of visit (Simple).

      1. Advanced point based system: This allows you to define a ratio of Spend amount --> Point Awarded. Then you can sent an amount that each point is worth. This works out really well as customers can collect points and use them as they want. The number of points is listed on their receipt so they are incentivized to come back!
      2. Simple: This allows you to set a specific number of sales that a customer much achieve and upon meeting this goal their next sale then can get X% off. This works great for many businesses and is really simple to setup
      All of this is easily setup in store config with a few clicks! It is really that easy and this will help customers keep coming back! 

      Tuesday, May 22, 2018

      Introducing PHP Point Of Sale's API

      A recent feature php pos added was an API. API stands for Application Programming Interface; this allows other applications to interact (modify, view, add, and delete) data from php pos. This is a great feature for many custom cases.

      Some of the use cases that our customers have come across are:

      • Need to display loyalty points to customers on web site by email or phone number
      • Allow customers to input their information on web site
      • Batch import customer data automatically each day
      All of these uses cases are covered by an API (And anything you can dream up). We use a simple REST based protocol that can use any language that can make HTTP requests. To view all the things you can do with our api. Visit

      Thursday, May 10, 2018

      PHP Point Of Sale 16.1 released

      We are proud to announce that version 16.1 has been released! Here are the major changes

      • Added API (v1)
      • Added custom fields for items and item kits
      • Can now have age verifiable items and item kits
      • Can now excel import location specific columns for multi location setups
      • Can now use points to pay for part of the point's value
      • Can now see the quantity in the search suggestions for sales & receivings
      • Now have a delivery employee being tracked for a delivery and reporting for this
      • Create barcode labels or sheet from inventory count
      • Added ability to create all possible variation combinations with one click
      • Added store config option for items being e-commerce by default
      • Can now delete store account payments
      • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

      If you are using the cloud it has been automatically updated. If you are using download you can download here