Monday, March 19, 2018

PHP Point Of Sale Roadmap for 2018

Roadmap for 2018

PHP Point Of Sale will focus on the following for 2018

1. API

In 16.1 we have plans to have a full featured API that will allow other programs and workflows to work with our system. You will be able to update items, check inventory, and create sales programmatically via a simple REST API.

2. Improving Woo Commerce Integration

We plan to improve the performance of our woo commerce integration as well as add support for shipping, weights, and dimensions

3. Improving Barcode Printing

We plan to allow to print to more barcode label sizes and templates

4. Improving workflows

  • Inventory counting: A highly requested feature is to make sure you count all the items and if you don't have the system let you know. This will be added
  • Transfers: Transfers are often confusing because of the way the workflow is and is hard to know what is going out vs in. We plan to simplify this.
  • Excel import/export: For multi-location outlets it is has been requested to be able to import quantity, recorder levels for specific locations. We plan to add this

5. Custom fields for items and item kits

We already have custom fields for employees, suppliers, and customers but a big request has been for items and item kits. This will be added soon!

6. User requests: We plan to be flexible and continue to listen to user requests


  1. 2. Improving Woo Commerce Integration

    Will be nice to have customers synchronization:
    a)Shipping and Billing address
    b)Phone, Company name
    c)Don't know if it's possible to sync "user role" with "Price Tiers" (I'm using a plugin "WooCommerce Role Based Price" to make 3 different prices for the same product, currently I have: customer, salons and vip)

    3. Improving Barcode Printing

    Yes, Barecodes are blur.
    Will be nice to add the Date to barcodes (as an option)

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for feedback! We did a hot fix recently to get rid of Blurry barcodes and we will add more customizations in future

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