Friday, April 6, 2018

Why your business should sell online & How to get started for FREE!

Online sales are increasingly become a popular way for consumers to shop. It is estimated that almost 10% of all retail sales and is growing. Not having an online channel to sell your products means you are missing out on potential sales.

How to sell online

There are a many ways you could go about selling online and are many types of software to create a website which can cost a lot of money to develop a custom site. We have found that the most popular way to create an online store is combining the popular Wordpress platform with a plug in called WooCommerce. The best part about this is they are both FREE to use. This system integrates directly with PHP Point Of Sale out of the box with little configuration.

With WooCommerce there are many free designs you can use to get started and plenty of resources on how to get setup. Our company even offers hosting for woo commerce for less than $20/month.

You can see an example of a simple site selling PHP POS swag. WooCommerce makes it easy to accept credit card from a variety of vendors such as braintree, stripe, and paypal. All of these are easy to install plug ins that require no coding knowledge.

If you would like to learn how WooCommerce & PHP Point Of Sale can work for you. Please contact us! We can even put you in touch with expert woo commerce developers that can take care of any custom development you would need

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