Sunday, June 24, 2018

PHP Point Of Sale Partners with Denver Business Design Consulting for eCommerce web site design

PHP Point Of Sale has partnered with Denver Business Design Consulting to provide our clients with an excellent and affordable eCommerce design company for our customers.

With the DBDC partnership they will be able to build a fully compatible and functional eCommerce site using Wordpress and Woocommerce that works right out of the box with PHP Point Of Sale. We are thrilled for this partnership and hope many of our customers can benefit from this..

Monday, June 4, 2018

Why Loyalty Programs Are AWESOME!

Loyalty systems are a great way to keep customers coming back! Many business such as hair salons, department stores, and many types of businesses have loyalty programs in place. Setting this up can sometimes be hard and time consuming. However if you use PHP Point Of Sale, we offer 2 ways to set this up and it couldn't be easier!

We have 2 loyalty systems in php pos a points based system (Advanced) and a frequency of visit (Simple).

  1. Advanced point based system: This allows you to define a ratio of Spend amount --> Point Awarded. Then you can sent an amount that each point is worth. This works out really well as customers can collect points and use them as they want. The number of points is listed on their receipt so they are incentivized to come back!
  2. Simple: This allows you to set a specific number of sales that a customer much achieve and upon meeting this goal their next sale then can get X% off. This works great for many businesses and is really simple to setup
All of this is easily setup in store config with a few clicks! It is really that easy and this will help customers keep coming back!