Monday, July 30, 2018

10 MUST have features your Point Of Sale System Should Have

Choosing a Point Of Sale (POS) system can seem like a big task and is one of the most important business decisions when starting out. With so many options and different cost for systems it is hard to choose. Below is a list of 10 features every POS system should have.

  1. Inventory Tracking: At a basic level a POS system needs to tell you how much you to have in stock so you know what you have at the store without counting every item. Alongside this feature it should have a detailed log of what caused the inventory to change (Such as having a sale or receiving a PO).
  2. Sales Tax Tracking: The only things that are certain in life is death and taxes. If your POS system cannot track tax; then it will be hard to pay your taxes each month. It should also be able to handle different types of taxes for items. Depending on the state certain items (such as food) are taxed differently than others.
  3. Advanced Reporting: Reporting should be included to help you make good purchase decisions. The reporting needs to tell you which items are selling well and which aren't. There should also be reports to see which categories and manufactures are selling well also.
  4. Customer Tracking: Many businesses will find it beneficial to track the customers they get. This is very useful for email marketing, sending receipts, and just knowing who your best customers are.
  5. Emailing and printing of receipts: Modern POS systems should be able to email receipts and print them on a receipt printer or even a letter sized printer. The more advanced ones should be able to print from any device such as a phone or tablet. Generating a receipt from a sale should be a fast process when you evaluate POS systems.
  6. Credit card processing (including EMV/chip processing): In this day and age many customers prefer to pay by credit card or debit card. If your system cannot accept modern payment; your customers will be frustrated that they can't pay with credit card. Apple Pay and Android Wallet are also great additions.
  7. Employee accounts and permissions: If your business takes on employees you will want to give them access to your system; but you will want to limit their ability to change pricing and view reporting. A modern system should provide the ability to setup custom permissions so the employee can only do what is allowed
  8. E-Commerce integration: Many customers love the convenience of shopping online. A good pos system will allow them to sell online. This is a great revenue stream for businesses and selling online should be included.
  9. Purchase Orders: Generating purchase orders can save time when it comes to reordering product. A good pos system should make this easy based on stock level and supplier. This can save a business a lot of time to be able to generate these fast.
  10. Cash Management: It is important to make sure your cash is correct in register and employees are stealing from you. A good cash management system is important when choosing a POS system.
Picking a POS system and starting a business is hard enough. The list above should help you narrow down what you need to focus on when picking a system. PHP Point Of Sale has all of these features and is very affordable and easy to setup.

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