Wednesday, October 10, 2018

PHP Point Of Sale Featured as Companies To Watch by Software Executive Magazine

PHP Point Of Sale was recently featured is Software Executive Magazine in their recent issue for companies to watch! We are honored to be featured in this publication!

About Software Executive magazine:

Software Executive magazine helps software businesses grow by showcasing the business best practices of our readers, executives from a wide variety of B2B software companies. Software Executive’seditorial is vertical and platform agnostic, and covers startups to mature companies. Our thought leadership articles, feature stories, executive profiles, and guest columns help software companies understand how to finance growth, implement sales and marketing solutions, build effective customer service and customer success operations, price their software effectively, prepare an exit strategy, build indirect sales channels, and more. Software Executive is not a tech-focused publication, it is a business-level resource to help executives grow and scale successful, profitable, sustainable software companies.