Wednesday, November 28, 2018

PHP Point Of Sale 16.3 Released!

We are proud to announce that PHP Point Of Sale 16.3 has been released and now available.

New Features/Improvements in 16.3:

  • Added support for square credit card processing
  • Added option Allow price override regardless of permissions for items and item kits
  • Now showing item description in stock alerts
  • Can find out the balance of customer and supplier store accounts on a given day
  • Can now support items that are bought in series such as 6 pack of haircuts that have an expire date
  • Can now attach custom fields to sales and receivings (Up to 10)
  • Now support merchant supplied gift cards for processors using a USB integration or tran cloud
  • Added alerts for when cash drops below or goes above a configured limit for a register
  • Added time off requests to time clock section. Employee can request paid or unpaid time off which can be approved
  • Can now assign a customer to a location
  • Improved items not counted page to count variations and items directly from the report/page. Can also filter by category
  • Can now search by variation in the custom report
  • Now can set "Only allow items to be sold in whole numbers" for items and item kits so the quantity can't be changed to a non integer
  • Added COGS to sales --> detailed report and items --> Summary report
  • Can now set for items + item kits if the items is barcoded. When printing barcodes only items that have this option will print barcodes.
  • Added internal notes field for customers that you can set during a sale or outside to make internal notes about a customer
  • Added employee permission "See inventory count when counting inventory"
  • Can now specify main image for use with grid and item search
  • Added employee permission "Can edit suspended sale"
  • Added margin calculator for items + item kits
  • Can now track cost price per serial number
  • Enhanced category report to show inventory data along with sales data
  • Added store config option to allow customer to be scanned into the item field
  • Many minor fixes