Tuesday, March 19, 2019

PHP Point Of Sale 16.4 Released!

We are proud to announce that PHP Point Of Sale 16.4 has been released and now available.

New Features/Improvements in 16.4:

  • Can now sync with quickbooks online
  • Can now have price rules apply at only specific locations
  • Can now have kits inside Kits
  • Added average cost per unit to price variance reports
  • New permission "process returns" that can restrict employees from doing returns
  • New permission "suspend sale" that can restrict employees from suspending sales
  • Can now hide expire date on barcodes
  • Added web hooks for creating a new customer or a new sale
  • Can now have a default quantity for items & item kits which is used when selling or receiving
  • Can now override taxes on the fly for sales + receivings
  • Added option to hide prices on recv. receipts
  • Added payment type for expenses
  • Now able to save settings for barcode labels
  • Can now edit overall subtotal of a sale or receiving
  • Employee can be assigned a default register