Tuesday, December 15, 2020

PHP Point Of Sale 18.0 Released!

 We are proud to announce the release of PHP Point Of Sale 18.0. In this release we now have offline mode for sales and automatic daily reports

Below is a list of all changes

  • Added offline sales support (Must use https AND enable in-store config)
  • Added option to select quick cash amount by double-clicking cash payment button for quicker sales
  • Can now send daily closeout reports via email
  • Added comment field to damaged items report
  • Can now disable items from price rules in bulk
  • Can now sell gift cards that already exist to add value to them
  • Removed employee's last name from receipt
  • Added deleted/voided to receiving receipt
  • Added option Only count store account payments to reports --> payments --> summary
  • Added cost and selling price to damaged items report
  • Added serial number history reports (Reports --> Items --> Serial Number History)
  • Add store config preference "Items Per Search Suggestion" (Default to items per page)

    Thursday, October 22, 2020

    PHP Point Of Sale 17.8 Released!

     We are proud to announce the release of PHP Point Of Sale 17.8. We bring SMS messages to PHP POS and many other smaller changes

    Below is a list of changes

    • Added ability to send SMS messages to customers via Twilio
    • Added ability to send SMS receipts to customers via Twilio
    • Added option to exclude tiers from getting price rules
    • Added store config option "Show Item Tags On Fulfillment Sheet"
    • Add price override option per employee “Override Price Adjustments”
    • Added Permissions Complete Sale, Complete Transfer, Send Transfer Request, and Change Sale Date
    • Added customer info tab to sales inteface when clicking customer's name
    • Added loyalty multiplier to bulk edit
    • Can now choose default register per location
    • Cost price averaging now updates quantity unit variations
    • Added Tahil Language
    • Added quantity unit name to expiring inventory report
    • Fixed bug where show price if discounted did NOT work for quantity unit variations
    • Now support currency exchange in woo commerce order import

    Wednesday, September 2, 2020

    PHP Point Of Sale 17.7 Released!

     We have released a minor update to php point of sale. Below is a list of changes!

    • Added employee permission templates
    • Added ability to have custom fields required/not required per location
    • Added option to items and item kits loyalty multiplier which allows items to earn more points when this is set
    • Added customer info pop up message when adding a customer to a sale
    • Added permission to allow/deny a customer to lookup past receipt
    • Can now import quantity unit variations via excel import/export
    • Improved Dashboard Look
    • Improved report printing
    • Added suspended sales to customer popup on sales screen
    • Added Support of link 2500 pinpad for Worldpay/Vantiv
    • Can now capture signatures on receivings
    • Now hide all prices when doing transfers if employee does NOT have permission
    • Now have option on customer Auto Email To Customer that always emails receipt to that customer
    • Added is ecommerce checkbox to summary sales report
    • Dark Mode now has an employee override option
    • Added store config option to disable updates widget in header
    • Added store config option Prompt Amount For Cash Sale which requires an amount to be inputed when doing a cash sale
    • Added option to have default mailing list for mailchimp
    • Fixed bug where markup/markdown was applied to returns
    • Added List Each Location Separately option for inventory --> Summary
    • Cleanup deleted gift cards also removed gift cards with zero balance
    • On sales screen if we detect a large amount we verify before adding
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements

    Thursday, June 11, 2020

    PHP Point Of Sale 17.6 Released!

    We have released a minor update to php point of sale. Below is a list of changes!

    • Added damaged reason for inventory adjustments
    • Added ability to send transfer requests to other locations
    • When cloning item, variations are now cloned
    • Can now set delivery status from sales delivery dialog
    • Added ability to add an item as a favorite. Then you can view favorites on item grid.
    • Can now disable completing sale if price is 0. (Store config option)
    • Can disable promo via bulk edit
    • Pending inventory on items --> inventory screen now only shows layaways
    • Added ability to have item number for quantity unit variation
    • Added change due to receipt
    • Added item id column to items --> summary report
    • Added store config option Do Not Recalculate Cost Price When Unsuspending Estimates
    • Batch sale and receiving now support serial numbers
    • Improved enhanced search method to give more relevant results
    • Added option to disable sale and receiving cloning in store config
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements

    Wednesday, April 8, 2020

    PHP Point Of Sale 17.5 Released!

    We have released a minor update to php point of sale. Below is a list of changes!

    • Added modifier options for items + item kits
    • Added CardConnect credit card processing
    • Added barcode name field for items + item kits so a different name can be displayed on barcode
    • Added tax id option that can be displayed on receipt
    • Searching of items is now faster
    • Added new report: Inventory at Past Date
    • Added Dark Mode Option to store config
    • Added option to disable markup/markdown per location
    • Added permissions to restrict searching of items, customers, and suppliers on sales and receiving interfaces
    • Summary Discount report now has discounts per each percent discount
    • Can now disable loyalty per price rule
    • Added option to view all employee's commissions on detailed commission report
    • Can now email or download pdf receipt for receivings
    • Added ability to not allow logins between certain times for each employee
    • Added permission can edit inventory comment for items
    • Added supplier and cost price to stock alert
    • If using markup/markdown you can now see the expected total before adding payment
    • Can now clone suspended sales
    • Added permission for item and item kits to edit prices
    • Added store config option "Disable Loyalty By Default"
    • Added commission amount to items table
    • Minor bug fixes & performance improvements

    Monday, January 27, 2020

    PHP Point Of Sale 17.4 Released

    We have released a minor update to php point of sale. Below is a list of changes!

    • Added ability for categories, items, and item kits to show a message during sale when item added
    • Added Mix & Match to Advanced Discount
    • Can filter items summary report by manufacturer
    • Can now sync inventory from multiple locations for woo commerce integration (One website; pull from multiple locations)
    • Can now make items and item kits inactive
    • Added receiving category summary report
    • Added edit customer web hook
    • Added skip_webhook parameter to sales + receivings API
    • Can now filter by multiple locations in the transfers report
    • Can now view location in detailed payments report
    • Now update delivery status for a woo commerce order to shipped once completed in WooCommerce
    • Added permission to view inventory at all locations for items
    • Added item id to detailed count report
    • Added store config option "Show Tax Details On Receipt"
    • Can now choose delivery employee during sale checkout
    • Added item id to detailed sales report
    • Now have option to show selling price on receiving receipt
    • Added border around total to stand out more on receipt
    • Commission now provided when sale price is 0
    • Cloud e-mails outbound is ALWAYS no-reply@mg.phppointofsale.com with a reply to of what is configured
    • Minor bug fixes