Tuesday, December 15, 2020

PHP Point Of Sale 18.0 Released!

 We are proud to announce the release of PHP Point Of Sale 18.0. In this release we now have offline mode for sales and automatic daily reports

Below is a list of all changes

  • Added offline sales support (Must use https AND enable in-store config)
  • Added option to select quick cash amount by double-clicking cash payment button for quicker sales
  • Can now send daily closeout reports via email
  • Added comment field to damaged items report
  • Can now disable items from price rules in bulk
  • Can now sell gift cards that already exist to add value to them
  • Removed employee's last name from receipt
  • Added deleted/voided to receiving receipt
  • Added option Only count store account payments to reports --> payments --> summary
  • Added cost and selling price to damaged items report
  • Added serial number history reports (Reports --> Items --> Serial Number History)
  • Add store config preference "Items Per Search Suggestion" (Default to items per page)