Tuesday, March 16, 2021

PHP Point Of Sale 18.1 Released!

We are proud to announce the release of PHP Point Of Sale 18.1. In this release we now have added Shopify integration as well as a Work Order Module + many other features!

  • Added Shopify e-commerce integration
  • Added Work Order Module
  • Now support secondary categories for item grid + WooCommerce
  • Can now Remove Quantity When Suspending for custom sale types (off by default)
  • Item subtotal before modifiers is now displayed on receipt
  • Added filter to suspended sales screen to filter by suspended sale type
  • Now have preference on which day the automatic report e-mail sends (Current day or previous day)
  • Added non-taxable amount to Detailed Sales Report
  • Improved inventory counting by adding search, column configuration and minor tweaks
  • Expenses now have their own categories
  • Now have the ability to download recent excel exports for items and customers for up to 1 week after exported
  • Added customer email and phone to reports --> Sales --> Detailed
  • Added store config option Automatically Sync Offline Sales
  • Fixed bug in reports --> custom where Item Category filter did not work in all cases
  • Now storing non_taxable total for each sale for faster calculations
  • Now show variation name when sales/receeivings interface collapsed
  • Added option for credit card processing to disable amount confirmation
  • Bulk edit description and long description for items
  • Added custom fields to reports --> deleted sales
  • Added Delivered To in recent sales popup
  • Added employee last name back to receipt
  • Fixed a bug where selecting tier after price rule applied didn't remove rule if excluded from tiers
  • Commission now includes modifiers
  • Added store config option Show Total On Fulfillment Sheet
  • CardConnect processing now prevents 524 gateway timeout
  • Added support for php 8
  • Minor bug fixes & improvements